I’m sitting across the counter from my husband while he expresses his frustration. Loudly.

“When you add up the rate we pay, the usage charge and all of these fees, these people are charging us 15 cents per kilowatt hour.” He’s not happy. Neither am I.

When we lived in Texas, we paid around 9 cents for the same amount of energy. And it was 100% green, from the wind farms out west.

We love living in Colorado, but there were two unpleasant surprises when we moved here: traffic on I-70 and an old fashioned, regulated energy market. Perhaps it’s one of those cases of not knowing what you are missing until it’s gone, but we miss being able to choose who we buy our energy from. We miss being able to express our values by choosing green energy. And most of all, we miss the price.

Why does Colorado still have a closed electricity market? I’m relatively new here, so I don’t know the historical political baggage associated with the issue here, but I do know that the deregulated market in Texas worked better for us as consumers, produced an abundance of renewable energy, and prompted the startup of many local businesses.

So, why does Colorado still have a closed electricity market? Why do I have to buy this expensive dirty electricity?