I had intended to sit down today and dictate this blog to Siri. Mostly just to see how well “she” would work as a transcription tool. But, unfortunately, I’ve had to start rebooting my phone. Siri has apparently lost her mind or become hard of hearing:

Me: Siri, write an email.
Siri: I’m sorry, something must be wrong.
Me: Write a text message.
Siri: Something has gone wrong.
Me: Damn it!
Siri: I’m having trouble connecting to the network.

And then I turned Siri off.

Having said all of that, the functionality is actually pretty cool. I find that I now dictate more text messages than I type. It takes some getting used to, but once you retrain yourself, it actually works pretty well. I’ve even dictated some emails to her, but the error rate is still too high to really make that an effective tool.

Of course, Siri will be much more interesting when she reaches 2.0. By then many of the kinks will be worked out and (like many Apple products) she’ll start to work more effectively. And, we have to give it to Apple, once again, they are remaking the computer operating system. Finally, we can talk to our computer . . . even if she is a bit hard of hearing