A little over a year ago, I wrote an article called thinking Mac, working Windows in which I discussed my learning curve with Mac computers.  It’s been a wild ride, but I’m definitely an Apple aficionado now. With multiple iPods, Macs, Apple TVs and other Apple toys,  my house is a living Apple store.

Then in reading some of my old RSS feeds (again I’m still catching up on my December days), I noticed this article about the expansion of Apple’s corporate business. In this case, it’s not the “tail that wags the dog”, rather executives are frequently the reason Macs become a technology option at many companies. They are requesting if not demanding that Apple devices be supported.  Everything from iPhones to iPads, and even MacBooks with desired synchronization to corporate email servers and VPN access. I’ve seen numerous examples at my clients of this influential Mac device explosion. And most executives typically get what they want in terms of smartphone’s and now even iPads vs. laptops.

With the impending launch of Verizon iPhone 4 mania and the 90 million potential customers, I don’t expect Apple’s corporate penetration to slow.