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We believe ideas can (and do) change industries, businesses, organizations and people. We believe that technology is one of the most interesting fields of work today. The computers that sit on our desks, buzz in our pockets, navigate our cars and connect us to each other are only beginning to remake businesses. Figuring out the best way to use them can be difficult. Figuring out how to make them work is still tough. Figuring out how to organize around them is challenging.  But, the value is there to be unlocked. It can be unlocked by a diligent focus on problem solving through frameworks and disciplines. This imperative focus meant we had to design Thought Ensemble very differently.

We hire people who can show they’re thinking. We hire people who blog, publish and speak. Seriously, if you’ve made thinking and writing a habit, we’d really like to talk with you.

We work on hard problems that require a variety of expertise. That is why we focus on finding teammates who are bright, intellectually flexible, and thoughtful. It is also why we prize those who are nice. Most companies make you choose between brilliant and nice. We don’t. Ensembles are much more fun and productive when you enjoy the people in them. We are often called on to solve difficult organizational challenges that require a kind and considerate demeanor.

We give continuous feedback. Can you imagine if a musical ensemble or sports team waited for six months before telling each other how things were going? Traditional consulting review feedback is poor, untimely and usually a waste of time. At Thought Ensemble, we commit to giving feedback every day, after every meeting and after every deliverable. We review each other’s work thoughtfully. We offer advice and we do our best to act on the advice we receive. Our feedback process is like nothing you’ve seen before.

We think together. One of the smartest things that ensembles do is rehearse. They get together on a regular basis and work together. That is why we have regular “Thought” meetings. Delivery teams get feedback from other teams on their approach. We review blogs, we review interesting ideas, we create new ideas, and we invite guests to share their perspectives. We expect you to attend, although most of our people attend from their computers (it is all online and dogs barking in the background are permitted).

Ensemble Approach

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