Dan has over a decade of experience running, developing and managing quality assurance processes in the mobile and enterprise software applications space. His specialties include quality assurance test design/strategies, and technical support performance management and implementation.

Prior to joining Thought Ensemble, Dan was a co-founder and the Director of Quality Assurance and Technical Support at 2GO Software Solutions, a mobile software-as-a-service application company. Using his experience in quality assurance, Dan has consulted on several business application development projects, as well as assisted on many IT strategy development projects. Dan has also used his degree in Animation Art and Design to illustrate the problems and benefits of particular business practices, as well as design software UI and strategy materials.

In his spare time Dan enjoys photography, art, film, hiking and playing on his local softball team.

I’ve always had an interest in optimization and efficiency. Whether it’s creating a QA process that is both quick and effective or finding a better way to organize my desk so that I can get more work done more easily; I am always wondering, “Is there a better way to perform this task that can be done efficiently enough that the effects of the process are worth executing the process?” I’ve seen people spend 30 minutes trying to figure out a trick on their computer that will save them only 30 seconds of work. Now, if they end up going through this process 61 times then it was worth it, but any less than that and it may not have been. Technology is a wonderful thing that has in countless ways improved our lives, but when we lose focus of effectiveness and efficiency we can become burdened by the same technology and software that was meant to help us.

These are some of the big problems you find in many businesses today; processes aren’t effective or efficient and the technology is burdening people. If you don’t solve these problems you aren’t maximizing your production and therefore you aren’t maximizing your profits. This is where I find myself loving IT strategy. To relieve people’s burdens and make the technology work for them instead of against them is a passion of mine and being part of a team like Thought Ensemble only sweetens the deal.

Dan’s favorite work or projects include:

  • Simplifying processes to optimize productivity
  • Analyzing and perfecting technologies from both user and business perspectives
  • Any project that can benefit from an artistic eye

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