Since I bought my iPad in May, one of “killer” apps that I had looked for is one that allows the iPad to become a universal remote. See, I’m like every other guy in America that ends up with a myriad of remotes sitting on my living room table or end tables and the couch. I have remotes for the DVR and Cable box, the TV, the DVD, and the stereo receiver, etc. My wife hates the clutter and to be honest, so do I. Although I’ve used the fancy digital touch screen remotes, I’ve always struggled with the real benefit to buying something that cost $250 plus just to be an uber remote. Even the guy that installed my TV suggested a nice brand that I should check out as he noticed the remotes piling up in my living room.

Prior to get the iPad one of my clients said about his iPad, “it’s the coolest gadget in my living room”.  With that in mind, I hoped one of the first apps that installed would be able to fix my remote control quandary. I searched extensively on the app store and on the internet, but alas, all I could find were apps provided in connection with a service contract and another piece of hardware in my living room. Again, it’s a nice to have and I don’t need it that much.

But now Christmas may come early according to this Journal article. If one of these companies can figure it out and resolve the glitches noted in the review, shopping for me will be easy. And the iPad will really become the coolest gadget in MY living room.