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Our client had grown through recent acquisitions while sustaining major market challenges, including a major revenue dip from $3 to $2 billion in just one year. The company had to build a digital product development capability in order to survive. Their technology organization was disjointed, with more than a thousand technology staff spread across the globe. They were optimized around internal, siloed technology needs versus digital innovation across the enterprise.

Project Scope

Our team was brought in to perform a comprehensive analysis of the technology organization’s structure, roles and responsibilities, processes, and technology platforms and then to execute a redesign of the organization and its delivery methods.

Our Approach

Our first step was to assess the existing technology organization, its delivery processes, and internal capabilities in light of how the broader executive team envisioned building digital products in the future. We then designed a new product delivery method, with supporting technology and product management organizational designs. We developed a roll-out plan to transition services and roles to the new organizational structure. We then actively participated in executing the rollout of the new processes and organizational structure by helping to hire the new talent required, leading early product development lifecycles, planning and executing communication plans, and making adjustments as “lessons learned” helped to make the changes more sensible for the outcomes our client was experiencing.

The Results

The technology organization evolved by upskilling approximately 10% of the team with new, digital capabilities. The new digital delivery methods were rolled out across the technology and product management groups over a span of six months and then continued to evolve over the next two years. The process and organizational changes helped grow digital business from 10% to 60% of the company’s revenue over several years.

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