OK, I just had to do something scary and I’m going to admit it to all of you.

First, I must admit that I moved into my husband’s house in January and I have never actually turned on the TV, let alone attempted to operate the DVR or DVD player. Honestly, there might have been a couple of times when it crossed my mind that I might want to watch or record a TV show, but it wasn’t ever worth trying to figure out the remotes.

So 5 minutes ago one of my friends contacted me and asked me to record a TV show. And of course, my husband isn’t here. I said I would try, but only for 5 minutes. Guess what? I think I did it! I won’t admit here what TV show now takes priority over Rockies games, but I am quite proud of myself. OK, I’m blushing because I’m a little embarrassed to admit this.

I think there is a little lesson to be learned here. Even those of us who consider ourselves pretty comfortable around technology sometimes have our fears. Those of us who are a little… ahem, older, and I know I’m not THAT old, but we remember the times when new technologies were really overwhelming. The thing is, they rarely are any more.

So just jump on in… whatever it is you are avoiding. This is kind of a lead in to some blogs I’m about to do on social networking, so watch for the theme to be continued soon…