Fayyaz is an experienced Technology Consultant skilled in business process evaluation, product development, and product marketing. In his career, he has managed a number of direct reports, while conducting business analysis and increasing business efficiencies for multiple Fortune 50 companies.

Prior to joining Thought Ensemble, Fayyaz was a consultant at Slalom Consulting where he was a part of the Strategy and Operations group. In his time at Slalom, he was able to work in multiple industries, which included: Financial services, Telecom, Restaurant, and Supply Chain. While working in telecom, he ran a multi-million dollar project that played a key part in the company receiving the JD Power and Associates Award for customer care. He also helped the client strategize and build a team to track offers and promotions for small businesses. In addition, he is very passionate about Inclusion & Diversity and Social Media, which is why at his prior company he led initiatives to start up and run groups focused on each of these areas. Fayyaz has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management and Marketing from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School.

In his spare time, Fayyaz enjoys watching and playing sports, traveling, and trying new foods.

Thinking about why you ended up where you are in life floods the brain with memories and ideas, and it’s up to you to parse out the details to truly understand your personal “why?” After winning the “Walking chatter box” award in first grade, it was clear that I loved talking to people. I was fixated on understanding why people did the things they did and acted the way they acted. “Why can’t I do this?” and “why did he do that?” were questions I continually kept asking myself. Fast forward a few years to my athletic prime (8th grade), I took that curiosity to the world of sports. I was never the most athletic, so I was always trying to understand the mindsets of all the players involved and develop a strategy to help my team win. Much like in technology, if you understand the mindset of your client, their employees, and their competitors, then you can better help your client find the best way to solve their problems and win.

Thought Ensemble allows me to harness my strengths and convert them into meaningful work. The people (Ensemble) here work together collaboratively and are truly passionate about technology. The ideas, the passion, and the type of work are what drew me to Thought Ensemble and I am excited to be working with a team that has so much expertise.

My favorite projects include:

  • Identifying gaps in technology and business processes
  • Facilitating workshops for teams to help identify pain points
  • Understanding business inefficiencies and coming up with solutions to maximize output


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