Case Study

A large home security company


Our client targeted and acquired a $480M business to improve their customer portfolio. The acquired company ran within a different operating model and across disparate technology solutions. Their processes and systems needed to be integrated with our client’s business to achieve the strategic outcomes of the acquisition.

Project Scope

Our team was brought onboard to establish and execute an Integration Management Office (IMO) to support the business and technology integration and ultimately create more optimal business performance.

Our Approach

To support this effort, Thought Ensemble took on the coordination and communication of decision making with the client’s business stakeholders, as well as the acquired company. We installed a small team from Thought Ensemble to help in the leadership and support of the overall integration program. The Thought Ensemble team then continued to focus on providing day-to-day leadership of the Integration Management Office, assisting in problem solving and issue resolution, monitoring program progress and communicating results, and providing subject matter expertise when necessary.

The Results

Thanks to a unified effort, all work-streams hit their major milestones and the overall integration was completed as planned. The acquisition site was able to close, and all customer data, activity, and communication were consolidated into one location. All business processes and technology were also integrated, with the exception of a few areas which ran more optimally as they were. The business processes were documented and updated to reflect this future-state, providing visibility into key enhancements. Lastly, our IMO Framework was redeployed as a Program Management Office to support ongoing special projects.

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