Hi everyone… I’m back!  Little “Gus” Jasper arrived on June 7th, over three weeks early, so I disappeared to the world of motherhood without getting out a notice on where I’d gone.  Yes, a few things fell through the cracks with his early arrival but life goes on and the little guy sure keeps that all in perspective. 

And after six wonderful weeks on hanging with the new guy, seeing many family members and friends, and moving into a new home, I’m back in the swing of work this week.  The book is due out very soon, we have some great projects underway and everything is cranking right along!  It is good to be back and I just wanted to say hello to everyone out there and let you know I’m blogging again.

Thanks to all of you who’ve sent your well wishes and asked about little Gus. 
 We ended up having to induce since I had pre-eclampsia, but he was still a healthy 6 pounds 6 oz.  He’s been eating all the time and packing on the pounds since then and he’s doing great. 

Attached is a picture of him in his first Thought Ensemble onesie… he’s growing into it just in time to join in on the TE fun as I get back to work.

More on IT Strategy soon!