It’s been a while since I published a blog entry. I have a few in various stages of drafting, but I need a push to get at least one of them out the door. So, rather than wait, please help me by voting on one of these topics. I promise to publish by the end of next week whichever topic gets the most votes. Here are the candidates:

  1. Why You Should Overpay Your CEO (or, How I Came to Love the Powerball Effect) – income inequality’s unintended consequence on recruiting and retention (NOTE: Jim Smelley’s vote on this topic will not count)
  2. Build Excellent Software – prioritize adaptability over features
  3. ‘Mo Progress, ‘Mo Problems – How problem solving creates new problems and how to manage that; all progress requires trade-offs; examples of how LED traffic lights don’t melt snow that accumulates on them, iPhones don’t have physical keyboards, etc.
  4. The Skills Triangle – Think of the roles of Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Architect; the strongest team members play at least two of those roles at once on every project, so I’ll review the different pairings and how they contribute to project success
  5. People Who Need People – Asking for help is an amazingly empowering experience