Introducing my blog


Hello to everyone out there and thank you for coming to visit my brand-new blog. For those of you who don’t know me, my background is a mix of business and technology, with a focus in IT organizational performance. I did my undergraduate studies in Computer Science and then began my career in software development. I have since focused in the IT strategy space (I’ll attempt to answer the question “What is IT Strategy?” in a future blog) and have gone on to complete a graduate degree in business. During my years as a consultant, I have served a breadth of companies, large and small, across industries as diverse as energy, financial services, retail, non-profit, software and manufacturing. During this time, I have become particularly fascinated with the complexities of individual, team and organizational performance. On the side, I have studied a variety of philosophies and techniques including Landmark Education, the MBTI, and neuro-linguistic programming, and have applied these to improve individual and organizational performance through coaching, facilitation, training and consulting.

So, long story short, I have developed some opinions over the years and am excited to share some of them here. It is no coincidence that we launched a new company, Thought Ensemble, the same day as our blogs. Jim Smelley, my co-founder, and I have been sharing, debating and refining our ideas for years while building companies, serving clients and taking long hikes around the world. We have shared many of these ideas with our colleagues and clients, but we now want to expand the conversation. I very much welcome your comments here to fuel our ongoing dialogue.