Jim has over 20 years of experience providing technology and management consulting. Specifically, Jim has focused on technology, software and energy companies, as well as the technology organizations supporting many different kinds of businesses. He helps them plan their delivery models, analyze their markets, and deliver software more quickly that is a better fit for their business needs.

Prior to co-founding Thought Ensemble, Jim was the Managing Vice President for the largest office at Pariveda Solutions. He also co-led its IT strategy practice. As a Principal at Hitachi Consulting, he co-led the Technology strategy and Sales Force Automation practices. He was also a Senior Consultant with Deloitte Consulting and a software and test developer with IQ software.

I’m so lucky to be working with Thought Ensemble. This is the kind of company I’ve always wanted to work for—a company with a clear mission to focus on the strategic uses of technology in organizations. I’m intrigued by the way organizations define their problems and I love the challenge of redefining those problems so that people can see them more clearly. I love co-creating ideas with people (either within Thought Ensemble or with our clients) and I really enjoy helping those ideas take root in organizations.

From the time my Dad taught me to program a computer, at about the age of 12, to today when I focus on technology strategy and the organizations that deliver it, I’m immensely grateful for and intrigued by the time that I live in. Not since the invention of print has there been such a radical transformation in the way that human beings communicate and I get to play a small part in that transformation.

The challenges I like working on are:

  • Strategic planning of intellectual property, including: planning, licensing, negotiating, and enforcing
  • Changing the way organizations think about technology and the ways to deploy it in their industry
  • Designing strategies with smart, engaged teams that will reinvent the way the organization approaches its technology
  • Carrying through with the ideas we come up with so that I can help ensure they have an impact—I like to see the ideas work in real life

I’m fascinated by the opportunities to solve problems that information technology offers as well as the problems that that same information technology introduces. What an interesting time we live in!


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