Jobs, jobs, jobs


I was reading an article in the Economist last night about our jobs crisis and thinking about how the little indicators I get on demand don’t match up. People I know who are looking have lots of opportunities, even though it may be taking some time to get through the hiring process. I’ve been sent more postings in the last few weeks than I have in months, which is very unusual for this time of year. Many of them are for Business Analysts and Project Managers, which implies that companies are ramping back up for new projects. There’s enough going on with people we know that we’ve added a topic to our weekly ensemble meeting to go through all of the people looking to hire and see if we can match make with those we know are looking. Additionally, all of our clients are hiring for something, although they may still be pretty particular about what that is.

So, yes, I’m concerned for our nation, but I’m optimistic within the IT space. Economists are saying we’ve still got a while, but I think we are going to see IT investments start increasing early next year. Curious if others are seeing the same…