If you’ve ever regretted a work related/business decision, and your boss “yelled” at you and you thought you better start getting your resume in order…don’t fret. Most people don’t ever get the chance to make million dollar mistakes. Let alone Billion.

The Oracle of Omaha just revealed that his worst decision ever was the acquisition of Berkshire Hathaway itself back in the 60’s. Marinate on that one. BH’s market cap is north of $200 Billion.  Warren Buffett is thought to be one of the best investors of all time, if not the best. And his worst mistake is investing in a company that would become the vehicle for most of his future success.

The interesting piece of the interview is that he thinks his desire to get back at BH execs cost him approximately $200 more Billion in net Berkshire worth. That’s $200 Bill, XXXXXL because of ego.

A more in depth version of the story he tells is captured in his autobiography, Snowball. If you haven’t read it and want to sound smart next time at a networking party, check it out.  But this video sums it all up.