The dictionary defines a “blog” as “a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis for about the first six months, then life or Candy Crush gets in the way and you post less frequently, until finally you lose all four of your readers and forget all about it.”

My theory is that most blogs aren’t focused enough. The topic of “whatever interests me” might seem ideal at first, but you’re essentially customizing your blog for yourself. Readers who are not you tend to get tired of that, so if you’d like other people to stick around you should tell them up front what they are in for.

This is where the title comes in. Anyone can start a blog, and billions of us have, it’s easy and free. The real challenge is coming up with that title. Thankfully, I have a good network to rely on for such things. One friend suggested “This might be some of your business.” I liked it instantly. The double-meaning was clever and it doesn’t over promise. What I write about might be relevant to you and your business. It might not be, but my hope is that it is interesting, makes you think, and maybe even gives you something to talk about with a friend or colleague. Because once you do that, it becomes some of your business. See how the double meaning works there? Good job Michael Pirrone.

So that’s the story. I hope you enjoy the blog. Thanks for reading.