Lisa has over twenty years of consulting experience focused in the intersection of organizations and technology. Her specialties include organizational design, process improvement, performance management and leadership development for technology organizations, as well as technology planning for mid-sized to large companies spanning many industries, including insurance, retail, energy, information services, media and entertainment, healthcare, software, and telecommunications.

Prior to co-founding Thought Ensemble, Lisa was the Managing Vice President of Pariveda Solutions’ Denver office, as well as a national developer and leader of their IT Strategy practice. Her consulting career includes applications development and strategy roles with Accenture (Andersen Consulting), The Boston Consulting Group, Tactica Technology Group, and Hitachi Consulting. She has an MBA from Duke University and a Computer Science degree from Trinity University. Lisa is an active member of EO (The Entrepreneurs’ Organization). She serves on the board of OWL (Open World Learning).

In her spare time, she enjoys golf, yoga, hiking, and spending time with her husband and two sons.

My parents think it all started when I was two and spent hours on end reorganizing my Fisher Price people. Maybe so, but it officially came together fifteen years ago when I found myself helping with an IT organizational strategy project. I finally knew what I was going to do when I grew up. I had enjoyed my career to date in systems development, but IT strategy was the perfect combination of business and technology, systems thinking and big ideas. Since then, I’ve served in leadership positions at a variety of consultancies, including systems integrators and strategic consultancies, but I’ve focused almost entirely in the technology strategy space. I’ve gotten to know hundreds of CIOs and CTOs and their technology organizations, and worked closely with dozens of them through organization, process and technology transformations. While my IT strategy experience started with traditional CIOs, since we started Thought Ensemble, I’ve also worked extensively with CTOs in companies where technology is the product or service sold to the end customer. Since then, I’ve helped many technology organizations make the transformation into a more strategic organization focused on delivering technology solutions to external stakeholders. What I appreciate most about Thought Ensemble is that we are focused on what we love: consulting and thought leadership around strategic planning for technology organizations. We work together as a little think tank to help CIOs and CTOs come up with the best solutions for their organizations.

Some of my favorite things include:

  • Watching and helping technology change businesses and industries, faster and faster
  • Designing solutions that consider organizational systems, including all the interdependencies between strategy, services, processes, people, culture and technology
  • Making strategy actionable with unique approaches to ensure the great ideas don’t end up on the shelf
  • Never forgetting a favorite quote: “Culture eats strategy for lunch every day”

If you know me, you know my eyes light up when I get going on technology and organizations. I’m grateful for the chance to do what I love, with colleagues and clients who challenge my thinking every day.


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