Case Study

A manufacturing and distribution company made up of over ten independent brands


Our client had recently been purchased by new investors. These investors, and the new CEO, wanted to completely transform the company to go-to-market within four industry verticals, crossing their many brands. Technology was a major limiting factor in achieving their strategic plans, as well as running the basic operations of the business.

Project Scope

Our team was brought in to help build a roadmap for the technology, organization, and process changes needed to realize the company’s growth and optimization goals.

Our Approach

We started by developing a common business architecture framework that helped the executives see the overlaps in capabilities across their company. Using this framework, we assessed the process maturity and technology needs across the ten brands. Through this analysis, we helped our client prioritize the myriad of technology challenges and consolidation opportunities. We analyzed the pros and cons of various approaches for replacing and consolidating technology and gained alignment between the leadership team and the investors on the best approach. We then built a technology roadmap to support the vision. The roadmap detailed the technology replacement plans, as well as the improvements of the IT organization and its delivery methods.

The Results

In two months, the executive team was able to transform their thinking from believing they should incrementally improve current systems to believing it was a strategic imperative to execute on a common roadmap. Priorities were clarified, with short term projects defined around centralized reporting and one web platform and longer-term projects defined around evolving the company to common systems. As a result, the company is now executing on a clear technology roadmap that is supported by the IT organization and process changes.

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