Blogging is kind of like exercising.  When you stop doing it, it is really hard to get back to it.   It appears I blogged even less than I exercised last year.  And here we are at another new year, fresh from the holidays, fantasizing about what’s going to be different in 2014.

Over the last 7 days, I’ve made several exercise resolutions that have been negotiated and renegotiated with both myself and my husband.  My resolution was originally to exercise every day, then it was to exercise every day I’m not sick/traveling, then it was to exercise 300 days a year and now it is to exercise 5 days/week.  I better exercise today or I’m going to have to change it again to provide exceptions for sick children and/or husbands who feel sad when deserted to take care of children!

The exercise habit is addictive, once it is a habit.  So is blogging.  Blogging is a fun way to be a little thoughtful when you don’t have time to write a whole book.  It is a safe way to test out ideas and get some feedback on them.  It is a little indulgence to spend time researching, thinking and formulating thoughts on any topic that interests you…

Every week, I have a dozen moments where I come up with an idea for a blog after reading an interesting article or sharing an interesting conversation.  I keep filing them away for later.  Kind of like exercise… we all know why putting exercise off isn’t healthy.  I think blogging is the same way.  I’ve been postponing my moments to indulge myself and think about something I really want to ponder and share.

I just looked at my NY resolutions from last year and was pleasantly surprised to realize I achieved most of them.  The only one up for debate was #1: “Spend less time reading email and more time reading more interesting things like blogs, articles and books”.  I did the first part for sure; I’ve actually taken my email efficiency to a whole new level.  But I didn’t do the second part about the reading… might have had something to do with the successful birth of kid #2…so I’ll cut myself a little slack.

Rereading last year’s resolutions motivated me to document this year’s here for the whole world to see… which will force me to finalize them and raise the stakes for achieving them.  So now, on January 7th, I’m ready to put a stake in the ground.

Lisa’s new year’s resolutions:

  1. Exercise 5 days/ week
  2. Blog 2 times/ month
  3. Focus intensely on the task at hand
  4. Play … Even at work

And look at that, I’ve started on #2.

And now, back to IT Strategy!