Our Ensemble

Bringing together thought partners with a wealth of skills and experiences
We are a group of individuals that thrives on turning big ideas into reality; a group that harnesses the potential of collaborative thought while also empowering and strengthening the ideas of each individual; a group that balances making sense of the unknown with being comfortable with the unknown.

Above all, we are a group of individuals that transcends the consulting norm.

We are an ensemble of full-time employees, partner firms, and individual contractors that works with our clients across a dozen states, four time zones, and countless workspaces (yes, including those afternoons at the local coffee shops).

This intentional organizational design truly reflects our philosophy of working with our clients, and with each other, to generate powerful ideas and implement impactful results in highly variable industries.

Lisa Jasper

Co-Founder and CEO

Dave Allston

Managing Partner

John Justice

Senior Partner

Kyle Kidd


Jeff Rabith


David Barron


Jeff Winton


Lauren Malik

Senior Manager/People Lead

Sean Butler

Senior Manager

Joseph Keys


Monique Zera


Cassandra Rambo


Dan Weaver

Senior Consultant

Elizabeth Bush


Christy Pennick

Back Office Manager

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