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Helping your team with strategic thinking and acceleration

Our strength is helping companies through transformations, especially surrounding technology


Business Strategy

Building a business strategy is about more than just stating goals; it’s about building value. A good business strategy mobilizes effective change, builds lasting capabilities, and enables sustainable value. We work with our clients to construct and carry out their strategy by merging a bold vision with high-impact initiatives.

Transformation Readiness, Prioritization, & Planning

Transformations are complicated and their impacts ripple across all divisions. We help our clients strategically prioritize their portfolio and manage follow-through based on their strengths and weaknesses, adjusting to reality on the ground and making the hard decisions required for success.

Technology Strategy

These days, technology IS strategy. It’s how you advance customer relationships. It’s how you collaborate. It’s how you grow. We help innovate around potential opportunities. We help select the right technology solutions. We build clear and actionable strategies.

Organization Design & Development

Peter Drucker once wrote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” We agree. We assist clients in understanding their organization and how it impacts how they reach their vision. We evolve cultures and design organizational structures to ensure they are aligned, adaptive to change, and productive.

Business & IT Process Improvement

Every organization under the sun wants to be more efficient, but not if it’s in any way detrimental to achieving any of their other objectives. We are experts in gaining efficiency with processes while fine-tuning them to achieve strategic outcomes because we help our clients see the big picture while not losing sight of the details.

Strategic Program Management

Making plans is one thing, executing them is another, and many times, an organization has not implemented major change initiatives. Our team can expertly drive critical programs through the tough times and pivots required, ensuring your needs are met, and help you establish a program management mindset that will enable your success going forward.

Communications & Change Management

If you build it, they WON’T come. Adapting to change is something that must be led and managed. We improve adoption and team performance in times of change through our integrated, people-first approach.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Leading your organization through major change involves new challenges and hurdles each and every day, so you need your leaders to be on the top of their game. Our team of experts provide in-depth team workshops and one-on-one leadership coaching to help improve vision, relationships, and communication in order to drive tangible results.

While every project is unique, we are particularly strong in strategic planning and execution of complex, risky initiatives with enterprise-wide impacts


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