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strategic-consulting_whiteSTRATEGIC CONSULTING

Our company was founded on the principle that implementing a technology strategy is about Four Things™: strategic approach, technology, delivery model, and organization. Without taking a holistic approach, you are significantly increasing the risk of project failure.

Our team tailors each engagement but starts with an assessment to get to the root of the highest priority issues. This can range from undefined strategy to aging toolsets to broken processes to an under-skilled or understaffed organization. Or maybe a combination of each.

Assessing organizations and building strategies is at our core. Let us show you how working with us is different.

strategic-acceleration_whiteSTRATEGIC ACCELERATION

Building a robust strategy is critical to the success of the organization. But, more often than not, failures to execute that plan jeopardize the overall opportunity. That’s where Thought Ensemble’s strategic acceleration services come into play. From providing highly experienced key resources to implementing technologies, our team is there to take you from concept to implementation.

While many consulting firms talk about strategy and their ability to implement innovative solutions, they are often inhibited by vendor partnerships or a “development hours” driven business model. Deep expertise in a particular area is good, but is always recommending a hammer for all strategic problems the best approach?

Thought Ensemble is different. We started in the strategy domain, and our goal is help make your strategy a reality. That means bringing in the right tools, the right processes, and the right resources.



Technology Assessment & Planning

Technology lives in a complex environment of corporate strategy, processes, and organization. We ensure technology is optimized for its environment.

Technology Organization Transformation

The traditional “IT Shop” is a thing of the past. We redesign and transform IT into a productive, customer focused team that solves business issues.

Customer Journey & Digital Strategy

Digital is not just about data and technologies. It’s about leveraging digital to advance customer relationships. We build clear, measurable, actionable digital strategies.

Product & Technology Innovation

Technology is no longer a back room enabler. It’s front and center in everything your business does. We bring leading innovation to our clients.

Product Development Lifecycle

Building a technology product is different than traditional product or applications development. We build delivery models that produce killer technology products.

Business & IT Process Improvement

Every organization wants to be more efficient, but not to the detriment of achieving its other objectives. We are experts in gaining efficiency with processes while fine-tuning to achieve strategic outcomes.



Portfolio Prioritization & Management

Making plans is one thing, executing them is another. We help our clients prioritize their portfolio and manage follow-through, adjusting to reality on the ground and making the hard decisions required for success.

Strategic Program Management

Many times, an organization has not implemented major technology projects. Why let the fox control the hen house? Our team can expertly guide critical programs ensuring YOUR needs are met, not billable hours.

Communications & Change Management

If you build it, they WON’T come. Adapting to change is something that must be led and managed. We improve adoption and team performance in times of change.

Technology Solution Development

Sometimes, you know what you want, sometimes you don’t. We help organizations conceptualize and design custom solutions either from scratch or using platforms to reduce cost and time to value.

Individual & Team Coaching

Leadership is hard. Our team of experts provides team workshops and one-on-one coaching to improve vision, relationships, and communication to drive results.

Key Resources

Skilled resources, such as project managers, solution architects, and business analysts drive project success or failure. Our ensemble provides the right resources for tough challenges.

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