Last year, I wrote about why you shouldn’t blame PowerPoint for your bad presentations. As part of my continued effort to help you make your presentations better, I’ve just finished Episode 2 of a ~6ish episode series I created with the intent of helping you unleash the power of PowerPoint. This episode is all about formatting. It’s a big topic, so I didn’t cover everything and it still ended up being roughly 3x as long as my first video. Either way, I hope you find this helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Note: Everything in this presentation, minus the music, was created in PowerPoint. I did all the vocal recording, screen recording, graphics, and animations in PowerPoint. And even though the music was created elsewhere, I did do some fading and timing related tweaks to it in PowerPoint. Music and sounds were created by Florian Chaillou, Shannon Hurle, Grant Evans, and Delilah.

If you are looking for the first episode of PowerPointers, which is about selections, you can find that here: PowerPointers Episode 1 – Making Selections