button-2076_640Today I’m blessed with a role in which my primary objective is to help others. Needless to say, it is incredibly fulfilling. Rather than helping myself to my own objectives, I am helping others to obtain their objectives. For example, in previous roles my primary objective was either departmental goals or developing technology solutions. Both of which do not directly benefit people, but rather organizations and therein myself. Don’t get me wrong. There was a time for that.

You may ask what’s required. First and most obviously, you must have the degree of experience and a well-rounded perspective to provide value. Next, you must possess great humility. This is imperative to you getting out of your own way or mind to hear what people need and pursue it whole heartedly. Humility also teaches you to leverage others in your pursuits because two heads are better than one. Those that do not ask for help often times are lacking the humility to do so or are overly burdened by pride.

Here’s my challenge for you. Walk into someone’s office today and simply ask, “How may I help you?”