I just got suckered by this link – survey results for the top places IT workers want to work!  I should have known better. It is just the usual suspects, the four biggest IT employers around: Microsoft, IBM, Apple and Google…

I’m not sure how they conducted this survey of 431 IT workers, but I suppose if you ask an open ended question about where people would most like to work, the results are likely to be the biggest, best known tech companies out there.

Are these really the “dream” companies for IT workers?  My first reaction was “heck, no!”.  Whenever I talk to people who really love to build technology, they usually talk about their dream being to go off and create something totally new.  They often want to start up a company where there’s little bureaucracy and they just get to focus purely on the creation of a technology that can change the world, or at least their company or industry.  But then I thought a little further… and I wonder.  Maybe the advantage of these mammoth tech companies is the resources and infrastructure they offer.  Perhaps in the right place in those companies, an IT worker gets to be more of a purist.  And perhaps they feel like they are part of something greater.

What do you think?