Case Study

A large regional bank focused on commercial and real estate lending


Our client had experienced many years of rapid growth, but began to realize that they were not achieving economies of scale in their supporting functions.

Project Scope

Our team was brought onboard to transform their primary value stream – the lending process.

Our Approach

Our first step was to assess the current loan processing work and organize all the silo’ed activities into a common framework. Once the leadership aligned around a common framework for lending, we helped design the future state organization and associated processes. We helped them pilot, and later rollout, the new organization and processes, track the benefits, and ensure sustainability of the changes made.

The Results

We were able to help our client consolidate over 25 personnel roles to less than 10 with standardized job descriptions and updated market compensation benchmarking, and then lead the process of transitioning current staff to the new roles. We successfully implemented a roll-out plan to radically restructure their lending organization, including creating a new loan servicing organization and standardizing processes, training, policies, and procedures, which impacted a significant part of the enterprise. In the end, the organizational redesign was headcount neutral, which allowed the bank to grow revenue without adding or removing support staff.

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