Russ is an experienced technology executive with 20 years of practice in building custom solutions, integrating systems, driving enterprise and system architecture, and overseeing strategic technology efforts. He helps companies to enable their business objectives through the use of innovative yet pragmatic technology execution.

Prior to joining Thought Ensemble, Russ was Chief Information & Technology Officer for Merkle, the fastest growing CRM agency in the world. At Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Russ worked as Chief Technology Officer in their Enterprise Services group to help drive significant change around process and core technology platforms. And, at Koios Works, Russ’s position as Chief Technology & Operating Officer allowed him to drive the development of their core, advanced media technologies. Russ has also held consulting positions at Capgemini (Principal), Hitachi Consulting (Senior Manager), and Deloitte Consulting (Consultant).

Russ holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence, a BS in Computer Science, and an AB in Neurobiology all from Washington University in St. Louis. He is a candidate for Juris Doctor in May 2018 from the Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University.

When I first went to college, I was convinced I wanted to become a doctor – specifically a neurologist. Though I made good grades in school on the hard sciences classes, it took me quite some effort, and I didn’t naturally love what I was learning. In parallel, I was choosing to take elective computer science classes – and I loved it! The grades came easy, and it was clear that I needed to change direction.

Eventually, when I received my Master’s degree in Computer Science, I wasn’t interested in R&D – I wanted to solve real world problems and do it better than anyone else. I originally went into consulting because I knew that’s where I would get that chance – and it gave me the opportunity to learn so much in such a short period of time.

At Thought Ensemble, not only do I get to engage in my own passions and work for some really great organizations, but also I get to do it surrounded by other smart, passionate individuals. How could you ask for anything better than that?

The challenges I like working on are:

  • Complex technology problems that require a thoughtful approach
  • Big Data and its emerging capabilities
  • Developing frameworks / analytical approaches to help break down problems and communicate strategies
  • Applying innovation in automating or facilitating the complex
  • Using my own experience as a technology executive to think through problems


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