I really don’t like shopping, but unfortunately, I like having stuff, so I end up doing it sometimes, when I can’t outsource it to someone else. The other day was one of those days. I went into the Apple store to buy a phone charger. I sighed as I walked through the door into probably a hundred employees and customers clustered all around the store. I went straight to the back in search of my charger and as soon as I picked it up a woman walked up to me and asked me if I had found what I needed.

I held up my phone and the charger and said, “Do these match?”
She said, “Yes, would you like to purchase it?”
“Sure”, I said.
“OK, I can do it right here. Cash or Credit?”
“Credit.” I held out my Mastercard.
With her tripped out iPhone, she scanned the teeny box and swiped my card. “Receipt printed or emailed?”
“Emailed”, I said with a smile. I was liking this so far.
“You are all set. Thanks!”

I was done?!? I put the charger in my purse and walked out triumphantly. That was AWESOME! Imagine how happy IT organizations would make their organizations if they rethought processes like that? They need to re-engineer their internal organizations in how they do everything from provisioning, approving projects, gathering requirements and more. They need to lead their organizations in rethinking how they get work done, how they interact with customers. That would build some serious respect.

I’m not dreading going back to the Apple store now. I actually think I might enjoy the experience. If only swimsuit shopping had been so enjoyable…