I’ve noticed an interesting trend in hotels recently: the bedside alarm clocks don’t seem to have the right time.  In hotel after hotel recently, I’ve noticed that the clocks are off… and not by a little bit.  Last night, the clock was off by 45 minutes.  Of course, this has always happened… and before, I’d spend the time to figure out how to set it, so that I could ensure I’d wake up on time.

But, last night—I turned the clock face toward the wall.  Why do I need a bedside alarm clock?  I have a phone.

And, I suspect that is what is going on.  In the old days, hotels could rely on their guests to set most of the wayward room clocks because we needed them.  Now, we don’t.  Why bother setting the clock to the right time?

Is the alarm clock dead?  What will happen during daylight savings time?