ready to take a risk

Now that Reboot is finally out, I’m going to use a few of the next posts to consider some of the ideas from the book. Starting with the value of IT departments.

Technology, I think its fair to say, has become one of the most powerful competitive weapons available to companies. And thus, IT departments are one of the most important components of any organization. IT departments big and small can impact the life or death of a company. Consider how printed newspapers are disappearing as the Web and digital readers have come to life or even the way charities can take donations now via text message–not to mention the productivity and global communication strides email has made possible. The technological innovation email alone has provided businesses can be seen as a turning point in the history of technology and its use in the corporate world.

And yet, more often than not, we still find that IT organizations are isolated from the rest of the business. Sometimes, this isolation is simply organizational and sometimes its physical. And, this separation has consequences: slow rollout of new products, people who are working on the wrong tasks, products that are out of touch with their customers, organizational conflict, and a general lack of competitiveness and innovation.
So what is the “correct” solution to bridging the gap? In our book, we have this little suggestion called a Strategy MAP. In an upcoming post, I’ll explore that a bit more.