[WARNING: Infinity War spoilers ahead]

In the world of Marvel, having all six of the Infinity Stones (or Gems) can enable someone like Thanos to extinguish half of all life in the universe with a snap of his fingers. In the world of business transformation, having all six Infinity Stones can be almost equally as dramatic because a failed business transformation can mean the end of existence for many companies. So, let’s take a look at the six Stones/Gems of Business Transformation and see what’s needed to make your business transformation as easy as a snap of the fingers (plus a lot of time, money, and hard work).

The Mind Stone

In the Marvel universe, the Mind Stone enhances mental abilities of the user. Even giving them psychic powers and allowing them to control others’ minds. Keep forgetting the passwords for the copious number of apps you use? Mind Stone. Now you’ll always remember. Tired of never knowing what your cat is thinking? Never again! Now you know they’re just thinking about tuna fish. Wish your wife loved Marvel movies as much as you do? Now she does.

In the world of business transformation, having a good Vision (get it?) and strategy may not allow you to control people’s minds, but it does give your people insight into what you are thinking. A solid vision and strategy for your business transformation are an absolute must to getting everyone on board and sailing in the right direction. Without a powerful Vision and strategy illuminating your way, your business transformation will turn into a lifeless gray heap.

The Space Stone

In the Marvel universe, the Space Stone is literally capable of giving the user control over space. Sitting in your living room in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, but would rather be in Kakaranathara, the home planet of Marvel supervillain Fin Fang Foom (and I am NOT making these names up by the way)? Then boom! With the Space Stone you’re there. Tired of seeing your dishes in the sink? Boom, they’re on the sun. Want to be everywhere in the universe at once? Done.

In the world of business transformation, a good communication strategy is what transcends space and allows you to feel like you are everywhere at once. What, when, and how you communicate are all incredibly important to running a successful business transformation. Without a good communication strategy reverberating your vision throughout the halls of your company, you might as well be trying to Captain America your business transformation all by yourself with just your bare hands.

The Reality Stone

In the Marvel universe, the Reality Stone is like an infinite genie’s lamp. It grants the user the power to make their mental manifestations a reality. Ever dreamed of having a super cool, yet whimsical moustache? Wish granted. Can’t hear what Pauly D is saying to JWoww in the latest episode of Jersey Shore because the thunderstorm outside is too loud? Shazam! Now you can (and turns out it wasn’t even important). Can’t seem to get your Hot Pocket to cook all the way through on the barbeque? Flame on! Now it’s perfectly cooked with beautiful grill lines.

In the world of business transformation, you need to harness the power of proper change management in order to make your vision a reality. Vision, strategy, and communication are all incredibly important for a successful business transformation, but good change management practices are what enable people to really adopt the new and improved way of doing things. Without good change management your business transformation will come crashing down harder than an untethered Star-Lord when you’re 10 seconds away from preventing the deaths of half the universe.

The Power Stone

In the Marvel universe, the Power Stone grants its user massive power. They get way stronger and can even control energy in all its forms. Not able to do that final set of barbell hip thrusts at the gym? Power Stone! Wish you could carry all your grocery bags from your car to your kitchen in one go? Power Stone! Trying really hard not to cry at the end of Infinity War? …Power Stone?

In the world of business transformation, good program management gives an organization the strength and power it needs in order to make those big changes. Business transformation is often a series of projects and moving parts, and if you can’t empower your program managers, things will fall apart. Without proper program management, your business transformation is just a Bruce Banner who can’t turn into the Hulk because he’s too afraid.

The Time Stone

In the Marvel universe, controlling the Time Stone means you can control time however you’d like. Running really late for dinner? Time travel! Now you’re just respectably late. Want to binge watch the new season of Rick and Morty in the time it takes your friend to say, “Szechuan Sauce?” Put yourself in a time loop and watch every episode (wait, I don’t think it works that way…). Sick and tired of losing an hour of time during daylight saving time? Blam! Sick and tired no more.

In the world of business transformation, time is money, and you can’t transform without both. All the other Stones will get you nowhere if you don’t have the proper investment planning from the start. This will ensure you have the resources, time, and cash flow to see your transformation through. Without thorough financial planning your business transformation is like Tony Stark without the Iron Man suit – a lot of great stuff, but unable to deliver on your bigger purpose.

The Soul Stone

In the Marvel universe, the Soul Stone gives its user control over living (and dead) souls. Wish you had two souls instead of one? Steal your neighbors! Wondering where your great-great-great grandfather buried his secret treasure? Excelsior! Soul Stone him and find out. Always wanted to hang out in a pocket universe? Now you can (apparently that’s part of it too).

In the world of business transformation, having leadership aligned over the transformation is what will help get the rest of the souls you manage to follow. Leadership is just that – leading people in the right direction. So, if you don’t have alignment amongst your leaders, you’re giving your team a broken compass and asking them to follow it. Without leadership alignment, your business transformation may end up less like the Avengers in general and more like the Avengers in Civil War.


All six of the Business Transformation Infinity Stones are important in order to get you through a successful business transformation. Each one is powerful on its own and can get you part way there, but it’s not until you bring them all together that you become truly unstoppable.