Fuzzy is good when,

-Someone books you for a meeting you had no idea about, didn’t have time to prepare for and decide to wing because it might actually be the best approach
-It relates to a 10 week old puppy
-You normally sport a bald look, but it’s Winter, so you try to add some “coverage”
-You use your iPad to draft something brilliant with your client
-The goal is to think beyond the square (outside of the box for you consulting nerds) for something like redesigning a software application

However, the concept of fuzzy is bad when

-It relates to space travel, military directives, remembering honey do’s, taxes, construction of buildings, cars, bridges, planes, etc
-People leave an important meeting nodding their heads but have no idea who captured the most salient and critical items to go address, nor who is tasked with completing them
-Next years’ financial plan for a billion dollar company hinges on projects deemed critical, but that have no defined plan or even milestones to occur in the next 12 months
-You have a profound fear of muppets