Apparently, it is national coffee day. I need a calendar of all the “national days”. Sometimes I wonder who is in charge of making these up…

Regardless, I do think this is an opportune time for me to share about Bulletproof coffee. Why on a blog about technology and organizations? Because an IT exec’s job is the toughest in the c-suite and she needs every possible boost she can get! No, I do not work for Bulletproof, I’m just a big enough believer that I read their emails.

Check out the benefits for yourself. For me, I believe there are three:

1) Energy… we go non-stop all day. We can use all the help we can get! We all know the best energy is that perfect calm buzzzzz, which isn’t so easy to create.

2) Inspiration… if coffee gets your synapses firing, you won’t believe what happens when you stir some coconut oil into it.

3) Fat burning… who has time to exercise with all these moles to whack?

I drink 2 cups a day, at least when I’m at home and can make it. I’d like to start carrying the ingredients with me. Perhaps a coffee shop will start carrying the drink!

I don’t follow the recipe exactly, but I do follow it closely. I use high-end organic coffee beans. They fit in my Keurig, which is critical to my process. I sometimes use MCT oil which I’ve sometimes bought from Bulletproof, but I often use coconut oil instead. I am a believer in grass-fed butter. That stuff is so very good. Especially in coffee. I try to minimize milk and only use a drop or two of stevia. And, while it is delicious blended, I’m lazy enough I usually just stir.

Try it! Several of us at Thought Ensemble are big believers!