Yoo Mi is an experienced Strategy Consultant skilled in product development, pricing and revenue management, web analytics, and operational efficiency. Her diverse background spans across Financial Services, Healthcare, Media, and Technology industries and from small non-profit organizations to large Fortune 100 corporations.

Prior to joining Thought Ensemble, Yoo Mi worked for Bully Pulpit Interactive (a digital advertising agency in Washington, DC) on their analytics and product development team. In this role, she primarily designed and executed multivariate tests that aligned varying messaging strategies with audience demographics to optimize a digital campaign’s persuasive impact. Additionally, she worked to improve internal business operations by building and implementing new web-based tools and processes.

Yoo Mi started her career in Strategy Consulting with Accenture in New York City, working directly with senior clients on new market strategies. She then joined Viacom’s Digital Pricing & Inventory team, where she drove increased advertising budgets, developed pricing tactics, and mitigated revenue risks with new market products and improved cross-team workflows.

Yoo Mi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Finance with a Management Information Systems certificate from the University of Connecticut’s School of Business. Aside from being a client collaborator, Yoo Mi is an avid podcast listener, diligent baker, and hiking/camping enthusiast.

While technically growing up in a dual-language household, I was really being exposed to three different languages: English, Korean, and Body Language. At a young age, I needed to look for supporting clues to guide my understanding of what was happening around me amidst the two different verbal languages being spoken. As a result, I continuously challenged what was being said – did they truly mean that? Did their body match their words? What aren’t they saying? Did their tone or behaviors lead to the intended result?

This fascination in translating subtle, and perhaps not-so-subtle, mannerisms as a communication tactic is a defining characteristic of my upbringing and guided my professional work. From investigating the implications of “cord-cutters” on the entire media industry, to finding the most effective online path that drives offline action, I am constantly searching for the invisible forces and listening to the unspoken words that can lead to a more honest, impactful, and long-term solution. With this approach at my core, I aim to truly learn about my clients and challenge their projects beyond the baseline description.

Years of consistent clue searching have shaped my approach to technology, a platform that is still evolving to capture those subtle elements of human behavior. My pursuit to bridge that gap is what excites me every day.

A few of my passions include:

  • Building efficient operations and providing organizations room to explore and innovate
  • Developing and facilitating training sessions to empower and align teams on an organization’s vision
  • Addressing root issues for long-term solutions and success


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