You, too, can be like an Apple store employee!


(No, I’m not getting commission from Square or Apple to write this! But I will shamelessly plug Reboot)

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about the Apple store is that any employee can check you out from any place in the store, using their iPhone to swipe your credit card and then emailing you a receipt. This little efficiency makes me happy every time I shop there and I’m ecstatic every time another store implements this improvement.

And now I can do the same! I’m going to an event tonight where we are going to have Reboot books on hand and I need a way to sell them immediately versus direct these eager buyers to Amazon.

Claudia, our uber resourceful back office manager, handed me a teeny contraption to attach to my iPhone to allow me to do this. Here’s all I had to do:
1. Download the Square App
2. Login using the account Claudia set up
3. Insert the teeny contraption in my phone
4. Enter the amount of the transaction
5. Swipe my credit card*
6. Sign my name with my finger
7. Enter my phone or email for a receipt

* If you don’t want to use the reader, you can just enter the card number, exp date, CSV and zip.

This is so fun, I have to stop myself from sending test transactions through at a minimum $1/ pop. The cost to Thought Ensemble per transaction is 2.5%, totally worth it! Other than that, it is free.

I love technology…