My normal morning routine is to listen to an hour or so of news while getting ready for work.  This morning, I couldn’t help but notice how many of the stories were tech stories: Avis buys ZipCar (an online car sharing service), Google Maps putting Apple Maps to shame, a new iPhone is coming out.  But, then I heard a story on NPR that reported that Americans spent a combined 12,000,000 years online this year.   At one level, when you do the math of 300+ million people in this country, that isn’t all that stunning; however, I can’t help but be… well, stunned. 
Who could have imagined, even a few short years ago that we’d be spending that much time online.  And certainly, in 2013 we’ll spend more.  I’m sure we’ll be spending it creating wonderful new ideas, designing our future and collaborating. 
And then, NPR said we spent 1/6 of that time on Facebook.