I awoke this morning to a note on Marketplace (yes, I have my radio timed to wake me up to that daily economic newscast . . . I know . . . get a life!) about the rumored release of the iPhone 5. And, admittedly, I hopped out of my bed and ran to my computer to check the source. I’ve been taken in by iphone rumors in the past, but since this one was aired on Marketplace, I figured it had some substance.

Unfortunately, the source article from ATD is typical of this kind of rumor. It cites “sources” and “people close to the matter.” Of course, they may be right (this time), but was it really worth citing such a thinly corroborated rumor on a national economics program? I too hunger for news of the new release. I tell myself its because I need a new phone (my old iPhone 3 isn’t holding up too well.) More likely, its because I’m just a gadget whore and I haven’t had any new electronics in months.

I can be excused for craving news on the device, but can Marketplace be excused for reporting thin rumors?