I continue to be fascinated (and frustrated) by Siri.  It is amazing what she can do when all the conditions are right.  And it is also amazing how frustrating it can be when she gets things wrong.

I can dictate an email to someone while walking.  I can send a text without having to type it all out on an iPhone “keyboard.”  These are nice things.  For many things, Siri is faster. 

But, since Siri’s error rate is high (in my experience, right now about 40% of the time I have to either correct what she has done or completely start over).  So, when Siri gets something wrong, it takes me even longer to complete the task than it used to.  And since she is wrong so often . . .

I love the idea of Siri, I will probably love the future of Siri, but today.  I’m a little bit less pleased with the results.