Do you have a software project that could use some attention? I co-chair the Education Committee of CSIA (Colorado’s Technology Association) and we are helping the University of Colorado Computer Science department collect proposals for a Senior Software Engineering Project Course this fall.

The Computer Science Department at the University of Colorado annually asks for companies to submit potential projects for their Senior Students to tackle in the Senior Software Engineering Project Course. This is an opportunity to get a small energetic team to address one of your software problems.

Here are some basic facts about sponsorship:

  • Apply by submitting a short (1 Page) description of the project, by August 9.
  • A team of students will work on the project for 2 semesters.
  • The outcome of the project will be more than useful software, you will have direct experience with graduating seniors entering the job market.
  • The costs of the program are covered by voluntary contributions from satisfied project sponsors at the end of the project.

You can check out past projects here. Successful sponsors have included sponsors from industry, government agencies, research institutions and non-profit organizations. The types or projects have addressed a wide variety of problem domains, including business, artificial intelligence, medicine, imaging, networking, science, entertainment, aviation, publishing, education, hardware design, communications, security and many others.

Let me know if you end up applying! Thanks!