I am not one of those iPhone/ iPad users who goes out to the app store looking for the latest and greatest new apps, even though I now they are added by the minute.  Every once in a while I’ll ask other big Apple users what their favorite apps are or go search for something specific I think the app store might have. 

My stance may be changing, though.  I’ve had enough recent success with a few B2C applications that now I’m wondering what else is out there and I’m sure much more open to the possibility that I could be missing out on something pretty cool.  Here are the top three B2C apps:

  1. American Airlines.  This is so much faster and so much more convenient than any other way I can get information about my travel on my favorite airline.  Plus, the mobile boarding pass is so convenient when you don’t have access to a printer.
  2. Chase.  I know I wrote a blog recently about how my husband’s community bank was going to win the business of our joint checking account … but now I’m reconsidering!  I can actually deposit checks from my phone!  I’ve tried this and it works… this is game changing for me.  I hate going to the bank – even to the ATM.  Now if this thing could just spit out cash for me…
  3. Amazon.  My way of shopping has completely changed.  No longer do I make lists of things I need to buy and go look for it online.  When I think of something, I open the Amazon app and either scan the barcode or type in what I need.  And in one click it is ordered and shows up in 2 days (with free shipping since I’m an Amazon prime member).

All three of these applications have totally changed the way I interact with each of these businesses, and have arguably changed my life.  They’ve sure changed my habits on how I fly, bank and shop.  And brand loyalty?  For these three brands it is through the roof – I’m totally locked in.

I’m not sure what is next, but now my eyes are open.  I’m waiting to see what other businesses out there have already or will come up with better ways of working with me.  So when I see the “get our iPhone app” button on the website I no longer sigh about the clutter and now I wonder what I might find if I press it …

I can’t wait for what’s next.  If you are in a business serving consumers and aren’t on top of your mobile strategy… I’d get on it!