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We believe ideas can – and do – change industries, business, organizations and people. We believe that building strategies for the future is about asking the right questions today. We believe bold ideas and pragmatic solutions drive transformations. We believe in building a team that values and practices this line of Thought. If you’re someone who daydreams about business ideas over coffee, gathers inspiration from everyday activities, and wants to share your thoughts through creative outlets, we’d really like to talk with you.

Work as an Ensemble

We prize individuals who are bright, intellectually flexible, thoughtful – and above all – nice. Our work to solve complex, sometimes amorphous, problems requires a variety of expertise, but success in solving these problems and implementing solutions is more often due to a kind and considerate demeanor. Unlike other organizations, this is why we don’t choose between brilliant and nice in building our Ensemble; they are equally important and make our work more fun and productive.

We give continuous feedback. Can you imagine if a musical ensemble or sports team waited for six months before telling each other how things were going? As an Ensemble, we commit to giving feedback every day, after every meeting and after every deliverable. We review each other’s work thoughtfully. We offer advice and we do our best to act on the advice we receive. Our feedback process empowers each of us to be the best we can be to ourselves, our clients, and our Ensemble.

We think together. We come together and practice brainstorming new ideas, sharing our thoughts and reviewing theories. Our regular “Thought meetings” are really rehearsals for the Ensemble to come together, work together on client and industry problems, and grow together across cities, time zones, and barking dogs in the background. We truly practice what we preach.

Make an Impact

Every individual in our company is aligned around a common purpose – helping our clients achieve their vision for transformation. This means that our people focus not only on delivering the project they are working on but also on thinking beyond those boundaries to help provide and implement solutions that stick. One of our underlying goals is to make our clients better just for us having been there. We want to help our clients enhance their strategic thinking and improve their capabilities in analyzing problems and implementing solutions. We enjoy solving hard problems, but we really enjoy seeing our clients evolve and achieve their results.

Beyond our clients, we want to impact the industries we work in and the communities we live in. We give back by contributing to industry groups and we volunteer and do pro bono projects to support organizations in our communities.

Join the Ensemble

Our full-time employees enjoy a generous compensation package with competitive salaries, profit sharing, a 401K program with company matching, and fully paid medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance. We also provide regular internal company training and a professional development stipend.

To supplement our core team, we work with subcontractors and other consulting firms to provide specific expertise. If you are interested in full-time, contracting, or partnering opportunities, please contact us with a description of your interest and an overview of your background.

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