Cassandra Rambo



Cassandra has 10 years of subject matter experience in organizational transformation with a focus on improving the employee experience. Through her experience working in both industry and consulting roles, Cassandra has developed a unique perspective on transformation strategies, behavioral change management, organizational effectiveness, and talent management strategies.

Prior to joining Thought Ensemble, Cassandra worked at Accenture where she helped clients conduct organizational readiness assessments, develop strategic communications, and implement tactical change plans. She also has extensive experience in the healthcare industry designing and implementing employee programs aimed at increasing engagement and retention.

Cassandra has a BA in History from the DePaul University and an MA in Middle East Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

In her spare time, Cassandra enjoys quilting, teaching yoga, and supporting her husband’s hockey team.

Achiever, Competition, Context, Strategic, Learner

Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judging (ENFJ)


Having had 19 addresses in 4 states and 3 countries means I’m no stranger to change. Most of my early moves were the result of the economy rather than personal choice (no teenager wants to move during the middle of high school); nevertheless, at a young age, I found a rhythm in moving and adapting. While not always easy, finding new friends and changing routines was certainly stimulating.

When it came time to pursue higher education, I was drawn to study the Middle East, which led to more travel, more cultural experiences, and the introduction of new, vastly different perspectives.

Today, I help people going through major change in their organizations. I partner with clients across industries to design, unify, and implement change strategies and initiatives. I approach all of my work with the simple adage of “walk a mile in their shoes” to draw attention to the human experience of staring down change.

Change may be the only constant in life, and yet the journey people go through is highly personal and often emotionally charged. In fact, implementing a change strategy often reveals challenges that were already there. I love being able to help clients iterate and evolve their efforts to improve their culture.

Some of my favorite challenges include:

  • Bringing in design thinking techniques to shake up how we are approaching a problem (especially if it’s an old problem!)
  • Partnering with teams to define their strategic organizational capabilities and functional competencies
  • Collaborating on cultural transformations to create a new vision/mission and define values and behaviors

Cassandra’s Thoughts

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