Before I introduce the blog, I’ll introduce myself.  I recently joined the Thought Ensemble team, and I bring a unique perspective on business having spent time in consulting and industry, and then back again to consulting. 
Through that experience, one of my favorite business topics is strategy, and I’d like to share my thoughts and philosophies as I continually discuss, read, and think through strategy topics.  Strategy at times is complicated and contains many variables depending upon industry, customers, competitors and products. Information quickly becomes king.
To introduce the blog, the term “strategery” originated from a hilarious Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit airing on October 2000. Will Ferrell impersonates George W. Bush in a presidential debate against opponent Al Gore played by Darrell Hammond.  When George W. is asked to summarize his presidential campaign, a one word response of “Strategery” became an instant mock-Bushism. 
Later, a Washington Post article datedDecember 2004 describes the White Houses’ “Office of Strategic Initiatives” adoption of the name “Department of Strategery” as a nod to the SNL skit.  Regardless of political affiliation, the term strategery is made up of one part complexity and one part hilarity.  Throughout my time developing strategy, I have used this phraseology to interject humor as well as humility.   

My blog posts from here on out are to demystify the subject and provide insight into strategic thinking.  Please feel free to leave feedback either here or email me @  I have found that the best learning experiences come from an open dialog and “The Department of Strategery” is intended to be that forum. Stay tuned!