Woo-woo warning: this may challenge some readers’ belief systems.

A couple months ago, I started seeing a holistic doctor to help me recover from a persistent bug and to build up my immunity and strength. Part of what she does is nutritional response testing, which involves testing my body’s response to different foods, products, and supplements. She does this by putting the food or supplement on my body and then pressing against my arm, while I try to keep my arm straight. If she puts gluten on my stomach, or I hold it in my hand, my arm gets noticeably weaker.

During one of my visits, she accidentally tapped my beloved smartwatch a couple of times, which made my phone ding. So, I offered to take it off, and when I did, she noticed a big change in my response. She moved the watch on and off my body and tested me a few times. Then she told me she thought my watch was draining me of my energy.

Holy moly. One of the reasons I got the watch was for the activity-tracking capability to encourage me to be healthier!

When she noticed my distress, she said I could try wearing a Harmonic Shield between my watch and my body to block the EMF (electromagnetic field). I asked if that would block the watch’s ability to monitor my health data and trailed off mid-sentence as I thought about trying to convince a holistic doctor that I needed this thing to send a steady ray of blue light into my body in order to track my health. She looked at me with her brows raised. I asked her what she thought the watch was doing to me. She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know,” she said, “I just know it is sucking the energy out of you.”

Holy *@#$. And in an instant, I let go of the thought that I couldn’t live without it and broke up with my smartwatch.

I can’t say for sure that it has made a difference yet, but I can say that the next night, I was able to stay awake to read a bedtime story to my kids. They were pleased since they’d had a few weeks of me falling asleep mid-story and having to holler, “Mommy! Wake up!” I’ve had more energy at night and probably during the day as well.

What’s it like to let my smartwatch go? It has been three weeks and it is absolutely different. One of the things I loved about the watch was that I could wander around my house and never look at my phone. There was an element of freedom to it. That said, I don’t miss the tapping of texts, calendar notices, and reminders while driving, at lunch, or in meetings. And so far, I haven’t missed a meeting or a critical call or text.

After some more time passes, I may try it again and see how I do, but I am going to keep my awareness heightened on how all this technology is affecting my energy! I do find it ironic that many of us use technology to track sleep, activity, and nutrition in order to make us healthier, but that it may be having the completely opposite effect…