From an industry and job growth perspective I keep hearing good news. Whether it’s articles like this one about companies looking for military vets to fill IT roles, to reports of better than average hiring numbers in Texas (unemployment is down to an average of the low 7s in Texas), to even personal stories from former colleagues who took a risk leaving something that was stable but have landed in a “great” position, I would say some of the job gloom, especially in the IT space, is lifting quickly. Almost like a group of people did a job “rain dance” to make this happen.

I think it shows that people are willing to go out in the market place and look for careers/positions that provide a better fit for them. That could be because of a position/role change, a monetary reason or just simply, a life style change (think full time traveling consultant to local IT shop).  Recruiters will tell you that this movement actually benefits companies.Although painful at the beginning, top performers who leave tend to require one or more people to step up into the void that they left.  And if the position can’t get filled internally, external searches often bring in a person that adds new energy to the situation.  Even from my position as an external consultant, I see it time and time again. There’s something reinvigorating about seeing new people join on at clients I’m working with. Let’s call it new blood…that new-ness has a tendency to motivate people around it. And encourage others to join in the dance.