Thought Ensemble recently held our first Thought Crunch – a day where teams worked together to create and present ideas about IT Strategy. On my team, we created the chart below to help capture the struggle that many organizations have when they setup and run their PMOs.

The challenge is having a PMO that can:

  • Span multiple methodologies (including the extremes of agile and waterfall)
  • Report metrics in a consistent fashion that meets executive stakeholder needs

Fearing the Wild West if they accommodate multiple methodologies, most organizations take the Traditional PMO path (which leads to the dark side) and lock all development teams into one methodology. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve built a “Nimble PMO” framework that provides an approach that can adapt to business and project needs.

There are two main components to the Nimble PMO: 1) picking the right methodology for each project or team, and 2) providing consistent executive-level reporting across projects (regardless of methodology). My colleague Kyle Kidd recently published a related perspective on executive-level dashboards.

Contact us for more details on this framework! And, beware the power of the dark side, or forever will it dominate your destiny.