future ahead sign

When we started Thought Ensemble in 2008, the market for the type of work we founded the company on was smaller. In fact, some of our colleagues thought we were a little crazy for focusing the company on technology strategy. In the early days, it was more likely that we would compete against our client “doing nothing” versus a competitor. Gradually over time and especially in the last year, more and more companies, typically consultancies, are trying to make a move into the technology strategy space. We no longer have to convince people to do something, now we have to explain why working with TE is different.

Why the shift?

It goes back to what we wrote in Reboot, about how critical technology strategy is to every business. When we wrote the book, these ideas were still controversial. Some technology leaders, some business leaders, and a whole lot of consultants, thought it was enough to focus only on IT delivery in response to business strategy. It was a reactive approach rather than a proactive one.

These days most executives leading technology organizations know they have to be dual focused on delivering today and taking the future head on. The Gartner CIO conference this year emphasized this theme. Accenture’s latest ad campaign highlights this theme. I wonder if technology and business leaders are following the consultants’ advice or if the consultants are following the needs of businesses. Technology strategy is no longer an afterthought. Executives realize it is imperative for every business’s success.

All I have to say is, “yay!”