I am SO glad I listened to my “consultant”. If you didn’t read the previous post, this consultant, had I hired them, would have convinced me to give up on the processes I had used for years associated with Quicken. And I was very resistant. In fact, since my PC crashed last summer, I’d been trying to find some technology that exactly replicated what I used to do on my PC on my Mac. It actually seems kind of ridiculous now that I couldn’t let go of my customized categories, just because that’s how I’d thought about my expenses for years.

But I let it go. My hands were tied and I played Mint.com’s game. And now I have all these great new features, partly because I simplified to their standards! I’m saving all kinds of time because it actually knows where to categorize 90% of my spending. And I love the simple interface and intuitive reports. Everything is finally in one place. I’m actually amazed that it can pull in all of my investments and show me how every individual stock is performing, with just a login and password to my investment site.

I think my financial planning saga is over. I can throw away that old PC and be happy sitting on my little cloud.