Last year, I wrote a blog about Apple’s design to exclude Flash from it’s iOS plans and how this action would basically dictate Adobe’s mobile development future. “Apple has leveled an early blow to Adobe’s attempts to increase iPod/iPhone/iPad business opportunities.” 19 months later, Apple’s bold move has indeed left a mark in Adobe’s product roadmap with HTML5 stepping further into the forefront of Adobe’s plans and Flash on a death spiral.

Though Adobe’s management is downplaying the significance of this move, I personally can’t remember the last time that I went to a website via my iPhone or iPad where not having the ability to use Flash bothered me. i.e., there’s probably a significant correlation between the 2010 iOS decision and most large websites starting to phase out Flash in their main technology development stack. Another example of Steve Jobs impact on technology and how it will undoubtedly be felt beyond the grave for many years to come.