I am so impressed.  I recently received an email from Southwest and Airtran explaining that their frequent flyer programs were merging.  I sighed and braced myself for a painful experience and saved the email for weeks until I was ready for said pain and sitting in my home office where I could dig up all the relevant info they were sure to need.

When I finally had the nerve to click the button to “+ Link Now”, I was shocked to discover that it took me straight to a page with both my accounts, where I pressed one more button to confirm that those accounts were indeed mine based on the address it showed me associated with each.  Two clicks and done.

As an IT person who does consulting with companies trying to integrate disparate systems, I realize this might not have been easy behind the scenes.  It gives me faith that these two airlines will continue to make my experience as a passenger relatively painless regardless of what is going on behind the scenes.  And, good for them for offering me an incentive of extra points to get it done early so they can get merged sooner!

I have trips booked on both coming soon, so we’ll see if my confidence is warranted…